Bennett is returning to Genshin Impact character banners in the first phase of Update 3.5 tomorrow. Let's check out if Bennett C6 is worth your Primogems/Intertwined Fates or not here.

Bennett Genshin Impact
Bennett is a strong and useful Pyro supporter.

What Is Bennett C6 For?

Most players in Genshin Impact acknowledge that Bennett is a powerful character who nearly deserves 5 stars. This supportive character has a lot of skills that any team needs, such as HP recovery, ATK buffs, low CD of the elemental skill, off-field supporting role, etc.

That's why Bennet is rated as a Tier-S character in Genshin Impact which is always the top-picked unit for Spiral Abyss teams. Unlike other characters, a lot of players, however, do not want to unlock Bennett C6. Others are confused about unlocking his C6 or not because:

  • They can try some new teams, such as Keqing's Vaporize team and Rosaria's Pyro team.
  • But Bennett C6 can reduce the power of Eula, Ayaka, and some other characters.

It makes this problem more controversial among Gensihin Impact players. For and against teams have their own reasons.

Genshin Impact Bennett C6
Lots of players refuse to unlock the last constellation point of Bennett.

Is It Worth Primogems?

The release of the Dendro element makes it easier for many players to make decisions about unlocking Bennett C6 or not. Obviously, the role of this 4-star support character is less important in Dendro teams, especially when many new playable supporters have been introduced.

For example, Sara CM6 is a better choice for Electro teams; Mika CM6 is a good supporter for Physic DPS teams, such as Eula. The meta of the game has been massively changed. It makes Bennet's role less important. So, you should save Primogems for other characters who match the current game meta.

Bennett C6 Worth Or Not
Bennett performs well at C0 to C5.

If you still want to use this 4-star unit in your team but you don't have enough materials for the last constellation point, Bennett C5 is good enough. You don't need to spend too many Intertwined Fates and try to get this character one more time in the next banner of Dehya and Cyno if you don't intend to get these two 5-star units.

It's better to save Primogems for Ayaka, Baizhu, Kaveh, and upcoming characters who are more powerful or suitable with the current game meta.

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