With 3.5 almost here, a number of Genshin Impact 3.6 leaks have finally surfaced online, focusing on the new characters and artifact. There are not much evidence outside of a few screenshots, however.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete list of Genshin Impact 3.6 leaks, including Kaveh and Baizhu details, alongside Dehya and Childe artifacts. Remember that this info is from the beta and everything revealed are subjected to change.

Kaveh and Baizhu kit

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Kaveh and Baizhu kit

Apparently, Kaveh will not be Alhaitham's support, contrary to popular belief. He is going to be a Razor-style 4-star DPS instead. It has been awhile since Mihoyo release a 4 star DPS, as they usually are just support for the banner's 5 star.

  • Kaveh: A Dendro DPS unit similar to Razor
  • Baizhu: HP-based Dendro support at C0
  • Bazhu C1 and C2: Buffs his support capabilities
  • Baizhu C6: Is apparently like a Dendro Yelan

Baizhu, as expected, is a Dendro support with a HP scaling kit. This colludes with previous leaks of his skills. It is unclear if he has the off-field capability of Yelan right away or just after C6, however.

Dehya and Childe artifacts

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Dehya and Childe artifacts

Looks like pretty much every 5 star character are going to get their own designed artifact nowadays. Apparently, Childe and Dehya are going to get theirs in 3.6. Below are some of the leaks about their artifacts:

  • Artifact set #1's 2-piece effect: Hydro DMG bonus
  • Artifact set #1's 4-piece effect: Supposedly similar to Polar Star, except the leak doesn't specify in which way
  • Artifact set #2: Apparently provides an HP drain for buffs and is good for Dehya

With Polar Star giving stacks, it is likely that the new Childe set is also going to give stacks of offensive buffs. The set will likely be a good option not just for Childe but other Hydro DPS characters also.

About Baizhu kit

Baizhu is one of the oldest characters yet to be added to the playable list. He first appeared during Archon Quest Chapter I in Liyue. Players have been waiting for him to come out ever since. Apparently, he is going to be the main character in 3.6.

Genshin Impact Nhung Thong Tin Dau Tien Ve Bo Kit
Baizhu's snake will be a big part of his kit.

His design is fairly peculiar - Baizhu appears to be a tall male with a pet snake around his neck. Apparently, this snake is going to be part of his kit - reputed leaks claim that his elemental skill creates a Snake Shield around players, dealing off-field Dendro damage to enemies that come into contact. It might be something similar to Xingqiu's rain swords orbitals.

Baizhu's burst is said to summon a snake and deal damage, but its general mechanics have not been revealed yet. Additionally, a leak from Uncle LW claimed that Baizhu does not heal his party members in any way. He is also going to be a Dendro catalyst user, similar to Nahida.

How strong is Baizhu?

Apparently, he looks like the final piece for a Dendro DPS team, with a shield, off-field Dendro application and Res Shred/DMG boost. His Dendro shield should be very effective against Bloom self damage.

Baizhu should be a great character to support and battery any kind of Dendro DPS - players should be able to field him to support either Nahida or Alhaitham. He might also enable a Pure Dendro team, with 3/4 Dendro characters.

Kaveh character model

Kaveh is the architect behind the Palace of Alcazarzaray. He graduated from Kshahrewar of the Sumeru Akademiya with honors. He taught an architectural elective while he was at the Akademiya and receives a stipend from the Akademiya.

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Kaveh character model

Despite the palace being his magnum opus, Kaveh somehow ended up in deep debt after its construction, forcing him to take up residence with Alhaitham, although he often argues with his housemate due to their vastly different opinions. He is also familiar with Cyno.

Nothing is available about his kit so far, outside of the fact that he is a Dendro Claymore user.

New 5-star catalyst Primordial Jade Regalia

The 3rd weapon of the Primordial Jade series is finally going to be released. It, alongside the rest of the PJ series, was leaked 2 years ago in 1.3.

An ancient gem that symbolizes the will of an ancient people who sought a promised land. It still gently emanates a mysterious ancient power that protects the lands.

The Primordial Jade Regalia is going to be Baizhu's signature catalyst.

Additionally, there will also be two new artifact sets to come out in 3.6.

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