Genshin Impact has a huge niche not just thanks to the gameplay but also the pool of various characters with distinct details. They all resonate with each other in special ways and have different types of relationships, which may depend on the characteristics that they hold.

What does MBTI mean in Genshin Impact?

In real life, psychology says that each of us can be identified with a classification on the Meyer Briggs Personality chart. There are 16 groups of personalities to define a person and Genshin characters belongs to distinctive MBTI categories as well.

Genshin Characters
Among all Genshin Impact characters, which one shares the same brain cell with you?

With how unique each character is, you can check the 16 Genshin Impact MBTI types and see which one resembles you the most.

1. ENTP: Venti, Kaeya

The first Genshin MBTI type we’d like to list includes the Barbatos and the Cavalry Captain. Their outspoken and straightforward demeanor makes them the perfect ENTP who never shies away from proving their beliefs.

Venti Kaeya
Kaeya and Venti's conversations are always interesting considering how straightforward they are.

2. ISFP: Kazuha, Sucrose

ISFP, or the Adventurer, is gentle, sensitive, and nurturing. They always seek to make a personal space that is both practical and beautiful. With these details, we can totally see the image of Kaedehara Kazuha and the timid assistant Sucrose.

Sucrose Kazuha
The Adventurers of Genshin Impact are Kaedehare Kazuha and Sucrose.

3. ESFJ: Amber, Barbara

According to the Genshin Impact personality database, Barbara and Amber are the perfect fit for The Consul, also known as ESFJ in MBTI chart. These two are outgoing, friendly, practical, and reliable. They want to be helpful and find comfort in pleasing others.

Amber Barbara
The Consuls: Barbara and Amber.

4. INTJ: Diluc, Eula, Raiden Shogun, Mona

You may find this group inexplicable sometimes as these characters are curious, but they just don’t care that much. INTJ is innovative, logical, reserved, and usually driven by their own original ideas to attain improvements.

For the unknown, this is also the rarest personality among all Genshin Impact MBTI types.

Diluc Raiden Shogun Eula
Most badass characters belong to the INTJ category of the 16 Genshin Impact MBTI types.

5. ENFJ: Lisa, Thoma

While Lisa sometimes makes people scared of how organized she is, Thoma is known for his caring nature and skilled communicating ability. Apart from these, they are both responsible, diplomatic, and do value connection with people.

Thoma Lisa
Tidy and neat are the similarities of Thoma and Lisa.

6. ISTJ: Zhongli, Xiao, Kujou Sara

The passion for defending what’s right is the main quality for an ISTJ. The above characters are extremely reserved, dependable and they fight facts with facts. They all have a smart root and a mysterious persona that can drive anyone crazily intrigued.

Xiao Zhongli
ISTJ is also called the Inspector, a perfect description for Zhongli, Xiao, and Mona.

7. ESTP: Tartaglia, Klee

As the characters whose vibes shout “you can’t judge a book by its cover”, Klee and Tartaglia truly have the best of both worlds.

Klee can be a baby girl and a deadly powerhouse while Tartaglia is clever and unpredictable.

Klee Tartaglia
The ESTP's actions keep others wondering about their sequences, yet they always end up working out.

8. INFP: Fischl, Ganyu, Diona

With sweet personalities, Fischl, Ganyu, and Diona are flawless Mediators. Their compassion and kindness for the people in their land are unparalleled. Moreover, they value personal growth and inner harmony, with a focus on possibilities and dreams.

Diona Fishcl Ganyu
Is it a coincidence that the INFPs of Genshin Impact all use a bow?

9. ENFP: Hu Tao, Paimon, Yoimiya

Among Genshin Impact characters' MBTI types, the Campaigner is classified as the weirdest personality, although “weird” is subjective. How Hu Tao and Paimon are portrayed in the game is the merest testament to this.

Apart from this, they are the most creative, enthusiastic, playful, and supportive characters in the game.

Hutao Yoimiya
ENFP enjoys beginning new projects and sees potentials in others.

10. ESFP: Bennett, Xinyan, Xiangling

Called "the Entertainer", Xiangling, Xinyan, and Bennett deserve the title considering their contagious energy. These friendly folks hardly let negative stuff bother them. They live for one common goal: to be happy.

Xiangling Xinyan Bennett
Bennett, Xinyan, Xiangling are the true Entertainers with their bubbly and energetic traits.

11. INTP: Albedo, Kokomi

The Logician sounds like the fitting bill for Sangonomiya Kokomi and the Chalk Prince. The former is in love with the art of war while the latter is an alchemist at heart.

They are good logicians who want to apply their knowledge and life-changing powers into making the world a better place.

Albedo Kokomi
Kokomi and Albedo are the Logicians, or INTP, of the game.

12. ENTJ: Keqing, Jean, Beidou

It’s not a surprise to see Jean fitting the role of an ENTJ. She never gets tired from leading the brigade and no challenges are too difficult for her.

Meanwhile, Beidou and Keqing are also independent, ambitious, strategic, and outgoing. They are effective organizers and long-range planners.

Beidou Jean Keqing
The toughest women in the game share the title of ENTJ among 16 Genshin Impact MBTI types.

13. ISFJ: Chongyun, Noelle, Qiqi

Genshin Impact personality database points out that they are brilliant examples of the ISFJ traits. On the outside, Noelle looks like a fragile maid, Qiqi is always tired, and Chongyun is a small reserved boy. However, inside of them blazes the fervor to be the most powerful and reliable warrior protecting their city and residents.

Chongyun Noelle
You cannot underappreciate this Genshin MBTI Type as they hold more strength than you can imagine.

14. ESTJ: Yanfei, Ningguang

Aka "The Executive", Ningguang and Yanfei are both analytical, realistic, and dependable. They tend to be very honest and frank to the point that they seem a bit overly critical when it comes to sharing their points of view.

However, it is their pride that makes them the greatest ESTJ among all Genshin Impact MBTI types.

Yanfei Ningguang genshin impact mbti types
Ningguang and Yanfei are often compared regarding their powers.

15. INFJ: Ayaka, Xingqiu

Those who come under this installment can be incredibly quiet, shy sometimes yet very hilarious, and charming. For a supposed INFJ like Princess of the Kamisato House and Guhua geek, it depends on the mood, situation, and the people they are with that decide their attitudes.

Xingqiu Ayaka
INFJ is also one of the rarest Genshin MBTI types.

16. ISTP: Razor, Rosaria

ISTP is sometimes socially awkward. This alone can describe just how he appears in others' eyes. Moreover, both he and Rosaria seem to have an individualistic mindset, and they usually pursue goals without needing much external connection.

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