What does it mean to ship someone? To clarify this term, “shipping” is the act of wanting two or more celebs or fictional characters to engage in a relationship, usually romantic.

With the large pool of characters in Genshin Impact, it’s irresistible for the die-hard fans out there to not ship anyone, especially their most favorite individuals.

In this list, we introduce to you the top 10 best Genshin ships that have gathered lots of admirers like any other real-life famous people.

Hu Tao Zhongli
Which are the best ships in Genshin Impact that you're ready to hop on? Check our tier list for reference!

Disclaimer: Our Genshin Impact ship chart also includes same-sex duos. Those who find it disturbing may choose to overlook this tier list.

1. Xiao x Venti (XiaoVen)

“He longs for a day to come when he will wear the mask and dance — not to conquer demons, but to the tune of that flute amidst a sea of flowers.”

Although Venti and Xiao have not interacted in the game at all, they are the answer when it comes to “what is the most popular Genshin ship?”.

In fact, Venti appears in Xiao’s Yaksha story as the savior of his life. While the latter was succumbing to corruption, it was the Barbatos’ Dihua flute that awakened him to sanity.

Xiao Venti
Legends say Xiao still sneaks out to hear Venti's flute sounds at night.

Ever since, fans cannot keep their hype down for this special connection.

2. Kujou Sara x Baal (SaraBaal)

Raiden Shogun is not an emotional character, or she just does not show this side of her. Though she seems like the most cold-hearted and lonely individual, Sara's loyal existence beside her makes them a favorite in the Genshin ship tier list.

Sara is often seen by Baal’s side and can do anything to sacrifice for her ruler. They may not look like a lovey-dovey pair, but there is a lot of trust in this relationship.

Sara Baal
Sara makes fans suspicious of her loyalty to Baal.

3. Childe x Lumine (ChiLumi)

These two simply became one of the most favorite Genshin ships after Childe saved Lumine and said “Hey, girlie.” They ended up even more widespread after Childe Story Quest where Lumine befriends Childe and promises to visit him and his family in Snezhnaya.

There is also much fan content for ChiLumi. From fanfiction, fan art, to comic dubs.

Childe Lumine
The “enemies to friends” trope is strong in this ship.

4. Jean x Diluc (Jeanluc)

The Dandelion Knight is very shippable and topping all famed Jean Genshin ships is probably Jeanluc.

Diluc admitted to having respect for Jean despite his hatred towards the Knights of Favonius. He even lets the Knight hold a party with free drinks to help Jean relax.

Moreover, it is unveiled that they both had pet tortoises as kids and many think the two grew up close.

jean genshin ships
Apparently, these two are the closest to actually having a relationship in the game.

5. Albedo x Sucrose (Albecrose)

There’s a reason why players always ask “Is Sucrose in love with Albedo?”. Apparently, Sucrose looks up to Albedo a lot and she is 100% smitten with his work.

Moreover, they both work as share a passion for alchemy and usually work together on research. Sucrose also understands his need to stay alone sometimes, which makes her look like an ideal partner for the Prince.

Sucrose Albedo
They are definitely one of the most famous picks in the Genshin ship tier list.

6. Xiao x Aether (Xiaother)

The top DPS character seemingly has a “harem” as he is also shipped with Traveler Aether, alongside many other characters. It was the moments of Xiao showing up after Aether calls his name and Xiao saving Aether that gained a plethora of whippers for them.

Moreover, Xiao is traumatized after a painful past and fans believe Aether will be there to support him.

Aether Xiao
Moment: Xiao grabs Aether's hand even more tightly after saving him from falling to the ground.

7. Ayaka x Thoma (AyaThoma)

Although Lumine and Ayaka shippers are many, Thoma and Ayaka dynamic has hyped up the community for a while.

Leaks previously stated that the two were fiancé. However, it was later confirmed that they are only close as friends. Despite this, Genshin Impact players have found some heart-melting moments between these two.

Thoma Ayaka
The housekeeper and the princess deserve to be amongst the top liked Genshin ships.

8. Ningguang x Beidou (Beiguang)

What makes Beiguang one of the well-known Genshin ships is they look good together and Beidou immensely respects Ningguang. They even have a joint secret business and usually get together.

Moreover, the pirate captain is the only person who can beat Ningguang at games. Besides, can you imagine how overwhelming it is if these hottest Genshin Impact characters are side by side?

Beidou Ningguang
Although they have yet had any interaction, fans have a big fondness for Beiguang.

9. Xingqiu x Chongyun (Xingyun)

Like Diluc and Jean, Chongyun and Xingqiu have a close friendship. The pair exists in every Genshin Impact ship chart as they spend lots of time together and are always displayed side-by-side in promotions.

Even little chef Xiangling also approves that the two are pretty interesting together.

What is the most popular Genshin ship? Xingyun is definitely one big pick.

10. Itto x Gorou (IttoGorou)

Gorou and Itto are in the newest line of character recently and their special connection has collected quite a fan base. It is also hinted that Itto has a crush on Gorou, or Miss Hina. The only problem is Itto has not known that the lady he considers his soulmate is actually Gorou in disguise.

Itto Gorou
Gorou and Itto are the latest pair to tend among fans.

Some of our other favorite couples in Genshin Impact are Albedo x Kokomi, Xiao x Kazuha, Yoimiya x Ayaka, Bennett x Barbara, Keqing x Ganyu, Hu Tao x Zhongli…

Not to surprise you, but there are currently 127 Genshin ships. The number will definitely grow along with the size of the character pool.

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