Breeding mobs in Minecraft is a fun way to increase your animal population and provide a steady source of resources. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to breed all animals in Minecraft 1.20.

1. Horse/Donkey

You need to find two adult horses and tame them by getting close to a horse and attempting to ride until hearts appear around the horse's head.

Once you have tamed the horses, you need to feed them. You can use any type of golden apple, golden carrot, or enchanted golden apple. They will enter "love mode" and create a foal. The foal will take on traits from both parents, including color and speed.

Minecraft Horses 1200x675
As of 1.20, it is possible to get horses with superior stats by breeding.

Donkey breeding is pretty much identical to horse. Once you have located two adult donkeys, you need to feed them. Donkeys require golden apples, golden carrots, or enchanted golden apples to breed.

Tame A Donkey
Players can speed up their growth using a hay bale.

2. Cat/Ocelot

Firstly you will need to find 2 cats - they usually spawn in villages. Tame them by feeding them raw fish, and once they have been tamed, just feed them more to trigger love mode. Ocelot is the wild variant of cat and has the same mechanic.

Cat Lying On The Bed
You can use any type of raw fish such as cod or salmon.
Minecraft Ocelot Baby 1
Ocelot can't actually be tamed.

3. Pig

You can find pigs in most biomes. Once you have located two adult pigs, you need to feed them to trigger love mode. Just use any type of root vegetable, such as carrots, beetroot or potatoes.

Mount Pigs
Put a saddle on pigs to ride them.

4. Camel

After getting the first pair of camels, players should be able to get them to breed by feeding cacti to them. When two camels mate, a few XP points will be dropped for completing the breeding process, followed by a baby camel spawning. Once they breed, each of them will get a five-minute cooldown before they can breed again.

Some camels actually eat cacti in real life.

5. Bee

Unlike real life bees, Minecraft bees can be breed using flowers. If given one, 2 bees will create a baby bee that follows them and pollinate more flowers.

Bees In Minecraft
Bees have a 100% chance to spawn in Meadow and Cherry Grove biomes

6. Axolotl

Place Axolotl in a body of water then feed them any type of tropical fish or any variant of the raw fish. They will enter "love mode" and create a baby axolotl with a combination of the parents' colors.

Axolotl Colors
You can find axolotls in underwater caves or rivers in the Lush Caves biome.

7. Cow/Mooshroom

Once you have located two adult cows, you need to feed them. Cows require wheat to breed. You can obtain wheat by harvesting wheat crops, which can be found growing in villages or can be grown using seeds.

Cow Minecraft
Cow is a great source for steak and leather.

Mooshrooms are a variant of cows and can be found in the Mushroom Fields biome. Mooshrooms require wheat to breed, just like cows.

Mooshrooms Minecraft
There are 2 variants of Mooshroom.

8. Chicken

Once you have located two adult chickens, you need to feed them. Chickens require seeds to breed. You can obtain seeds by harvesting tall grass or by destroying fully-grown crops.

Minecraft Chicken
Chicken needs wheat, pumpkin, melon and beetroot seeds.

9. Goat/Sheep

Goats can be found in mountain biomes. Once you have located two adult goats, you need to feed them. Goats require wheat to breed.

Minecraft Goat Mountain
Goat drops their horns when ramming.

Sheep have the same breeding mechanic as goat, but they are more common and can be found in any grassy biome.

Sheep In Minecraft
Sheep are a great source for wool.

10. Wolf

Wolves can be found in forests and taiga biomes. Before you can breed wolves, you need to tame them. To tame a wolf, you need to feed it bones until it becomes your friend.

Wolf In Minecraft 2
Players need to heal them to full HP first before breeding.

Once you have tamed two wolves, you need to feed them. Wolves require any type of meat, including chicken, beef, mutton, or pork chops, to breed.

11. Llama

Llamas mainly spawn in the Savanna biome. Adult tamed llamas can be bred by being fed a hay bale. The baby llama takes on the coat color of one parent at random.

Llama Food
Llama cannot be controlled when riding.

12. Rabbit

Once you have located two adult rabbits, you need to feed them. Rabbits require either carrots, golden carrots, or dandelions to breed.

Tame A Rabbit
Rabbits can be found in most biomes.

13. Turtle

A turtle (in Java Edition), also known as a sea turtle (in Bedrock Edition), is a common passive mob found in beach biomes. Players can feed them seagrass to breed.

Turtle Farm
Players can only get scutes from baby turtles when they mature into adults.

14. Frog

A frog is a passive mob found in swamps. Players can breed them using slimeballs.

Minecraft Frogs
Like turtles, frogs do not have the babies immediately, instead they lay eggs that take a few days to hatch.

15. Panda

A panda is a rare neutral mob that resides in jungles or bamboo jungles. They mainly eat bamboo and players can domesticate them pretty easily with some.

Pandas are the only animal in Minecraft with extra breeding conditions. Players need to place at least 8 bamboo blocks within a 5 block radius of both pandas for them to enter love mode. Afterward, feeding them bamboo causes them to mate and create a baby panda. Upon successful breeding, 1–7 experience is dropped.

How To Breed Pandas In Minecraft
Feeding them bamboo causes them to mate and create a baby panda

16. Fox

When sweet berries or glow berries are used on two foxes, the foxes breed, producing a baby fox.

Minecraft Fox
Foxes spawn in groups of two to four in taiga, old growth taiga, snowy taiga and grove biomes.

If a red fox is bred with a snow fox, the baby has a 50% chance of being either red or snow. Otherwise, the result would be the same as the parent foxes. This means players need to find at least one red/snow fox to get more of the same type.

17. Strider

Striders are passive mobs native to the Nether. They can walk/stride on lava and be saddled by the player. If striders are given warped fungus, they breed to create baby striders.

Minecraft Strider Riding Guide
Players can control Striders with Warped Fungus on a stick.

18. Hoglin

A hoglin is a breedable hostile mob found in the Nether, and a source of porkchops and leather. They are the only hostile mob that can be breed. Just feed a pair of hoglins with crimson fungi to start the process.

Feeding them crimson fungi also prevent despawning.

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