One of the key aspects of Minecraft is building - players can create their own base however they want. However, the game is fairly limited - the only thing you have at your disposal are large clunky blocks, which makes decoration hard to do.

However, with a bit of ingenuity, players can make various types of furniture to decorate their homes without using mods. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to make furniture in Minecraft 1.19.

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As there are only a few blocks in Vanilla Minecraft that are actually designed to be furniture, you would mainly use stairs, slabs, fences, signs and the like to create makeshift ones.

Chairs and Seating

Stairs are the most common way to create chairs. If you want a regular chair, you can place Signs or Trap Doors to the sides of a single Stair to give your chair armrests.


You can also make a fancy chair using either a Stair or Slab of your chosen material, adding the armrests and then behind it place a Door to give it a tall backrest.

Increase the size and switch between materials to make your chairs look better. Stairs also work great for sofas because you can make a corner sofa.


Simple tables are pretty easy as most of the time you can just use wooden slabs, especially for small coffee tables.


However, if you want to have some big, authentic-looking tables, use a Fence Post then place a type of ‘thin’ block, such as a Carpet or a Trap Door on top of it.

A regular Piston can be used to make a table. However, you will need to have a constant Redstone signal keeping the Piston activated.

Shelves and Storage

Shelves and different surfaces or storage spaces are a great way to fill in empty spaces where you may not know what to put down.

Japanese House Shelving

The easiest way to create some simple shelves is to stack either Carpets or Slabs one on top of another. The only downside is that if you use Carpets you cannot place anything else on top of them. With Slabs and trap Doors you can still place down things like Pots and Custom Head decorations.

Large shelves can be built using a mix of slabs and trap doors, which makes a good combination with bookshelves. Adding barrels and buttons to make it look like they have handles for opening.


Your bedroom can be so much more than a few Chests and the regular Minecraft Bed. Upgrade your bed by putting two or more beds together to create a king-size.

Fancy Kindsized Bed

Putting Slabs and Stairs around it for a solid frame. You can also add Fence Posts on each corner of this bed and build a canopy, enveloping it with a banner curtain.


A few items are a must to have in a kitchen: A Furnace or Smoker, a Cauldron filled with Water for a sink, and storage. Players can add a few shelves as well. For the countertops, you can put down Slabs or Trapdoors.

Fancy Kitchen

If you are building a more modern kitchen, you can use a type of stone like Cobblestone Walls and an Iron Trap Door for a vent above the Smoker. Consider using stone materials, compared to the wooden ones you see in the other rooms. Think Diorite, Andesite, Cobblestone, or pure Iron.


The options for decoration are endless. Vanilla Minecraft already has some of its own decorative items, such as the Pot for Plants, Paintings, Item Frames, Armor Stands, and others.

Those who know how to often utilize Custom Heads to add as much detail as possible to their various builds. Whether they need a particular household item or food to place on their dining table.

Using Plants

When a simple Potted Plant isn’t really filling up a space, try using a Cauldron for a vase. Put Leaves on top of it (2 or 3 blocks of height) and you have a beautiful potted bush. Azalea Leaves make the best results for this.

Indoor Decor Plants

You can also place a Fence Post on the Grass and just add Leaves on top to make it look like a small tree.

A grass block surrounded by Trap Doors can also be a good option. You also have the option of placing down a lot of other plants: from Ferns to Roses, to even Azalea Bushes.

Plants themselves can also be used as decoration for a build.  Try making a fluffy carpet using Dead Coral or using a Sea Pickle on a table as a cup.


Lighting is important in Minecraft builds both for aesthetic and practical purposes. It is a necessary part of every build in order to prevent Hostile Mobs from spawning.

Indoor Lighting

If you don't have enough space, hanging a Lantern from a Chain or Iron Bar and surrounding it with Signs can be a good idea.

If your build has tall ceilings you can use glowing blocks, such as Glowstone or Sea Lanterns instead of Lanterns. The most basic designs surround these blocks with Trap Doors.

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