Genshin Impact Kirara, also known as Momoka, can be the next character to be released in the game after Baizhu and Kaveh. There are many interesting leaks about this "catgirl", which have not been confirmed. But the Genshin Impact community is still excited about these rumors.

1. Kirara Element

Kirara is an upcoming character with a unique kit and design. According to a previous leak, the cat girl's name is Momoka. But her in-game name is Kirara as recently leaked. Her element is also a controversial issue. In the original leak, Kirara wears a Geo Vision.

The recent leak, however, revealed that Kirara's element is possibly Dendro instead of Geo as in the earlier leak. But none of them has been confirmed.

Kirara Leaks
Kirara may hold a Dendro Vision. 

2. Kirara’s Weapon Model

Kirara can be a sword wielder instead of an archer. There are two Dendro bow users from Sumeru, including Tighnari and Collei. Therefore, Genshin Impact may avoid releasing too many bow-using characters with the same element.

There are some leaks that Kirara's kits may be based on the cat's skills, such as special cat-head bombs and passive talents for climbing. Her idle animation will also look like cat actions. Most animal-based characters in this game like Diona, Gorou, and Yae Miko have animal-like animations.

Kirara May Use A Sword
Kirara may be a sword wielder.

3. The Rarity Of Kirara

According to the latest leaks, Genshin Impact Kirara may be a 4-star unit. Her design and skillset are unlikely to be rated 5 stars. Shielders in Genshin Impact often take the supporting position in your parties. Therefore, this upcoming female character has little chance to play as the main DPS.

4. Kirara’s Profile & Release Date

Kirara has a cat-based design with a pair of cat ears, two cat tails, and adorable paw feet. The outfit of this character in the design leaks may imply that she comes from Inazuma. But her leaked element may hint she is an adorable girl from Inazuma, the home of many animal-root characters like Gorou and Yae Miko.

Kirara May Come From Inazuma
Kirara may come from Inazuma.

The official release of Genshin Impact Kirara is still unknown. But some recent leaks stated that she might appear as a playable character in Update 3.7. The banner schedule of new characters Baizhu and Kaveh in Update 3.6 is probably confirmed. Kirara can be under development. Just wait until Genshin Impact reveals her official design.

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