Free Fire features a huge collection of weapons of all types including SMGs, AR, Sniper Rifles,...  Among those, SMGs are the weapons that excel in close-range combats with a high rate of fire.

Most Free Fire players already know about the best SMGs in Free Fire such as MP40 or the Vector thanks to their popularity. So today, we are going to focus on a different one, the P90 gun in Free Fire.

1. About The P90 Gun in Free Fire

This is the official stats of the P90 gun in Free Fire:

  • Damage: 49
  • Rate of Fire: 76
  • Range: 27
  • Reload Speed: 48
  • Magazine: 50
  • Accuracy: 44
  • Movement Speed: 63
  • Armor Penetration: 0

SMG with large clip size. Comes with high rate of fire and strong mid-range fire power.

P90 Gun In Free Fire
The P90 is an SMG in Free Fire with the biggest magazine size

You can find the P90 in Free Fire quite easily as it spawns quite often in all maps.

2. How strong is the P90 Gun?

The P90 is quite average among all SMGs with mediocre damage and a slightly better rate of fire. The only thing that stands out from this gun is the huge magazine capacity with 50 bullets, which is quite unnecessary.

The effective range of the P90 is actually quite bad compare to many other SMGs. It only has a slightly better range than the MP40 but the MP40 has huge damage output to compensate.

As for attachments, the P90 gun in Free Fire can only attach a Scope and a Magazine. You cannot use a Foregrip or a Muzzle, which means you cannot increase the stability of this gun. Meanwhile, the Magazin attachment and the Scope attachment are kind of useless because the P90 has a huge magazine already and a very low effective range.

The P90 has a lot of different skins that can improve its power. With a good P90 skin that buffs the rate of fire or damage, the weapon can be stronger than an SMG that you don't have skin for.

3. Tips to use the P90 Gun

Here are some tips for you to use the P90 more effectively:

  • The P90 is an SMG with not a very good effective range so you should only use it in close range combat.
  • If you use the P90 with Jota, you will get 40 instantly after you kill an enemy.
  • Since the P90 has a huge magazine, you should use that advantage to constantly pushing the enemies, not giving them time to heal or reload.
  • While the P90 has a huge magazine, you should not go full auto the whole thing. The stability and accuracy of the P90 is not too good so you should stop when the aim circle gets big.

4. Best skins for P90 Gun

Here is the list of the best skins for the P90 in Free Fire.

P90 The Punishers skin

  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Damage +
  • Reload Speed -

The P90 The Punishers skin is the best skin for the P90. It gives the weapon 2 Rate of Fire buffs, 1 Damage buff, while only reducing the Reload Speed of the weapon. This skin increases the damage output of this weapon significantly.

P90 Punisher
P90 The Punishers skin in Free Fire

P90 Rebel Academy skin

  • Damage ++
  • Range +
  • Magazine -

P90 Rebel Academy skin five the weapon what it needs the most, more damage and range. Having a little bit smaller magazine is actually not a problem with the P90. This skin allow the weapon more deal more damage and be more versatile in many situations.

P90 Rebel AcaDemy
P90 Rebel Academy skin in Free Fire

P90 Phantom skin

  • Damage ++
  • Reload +
  • Magazine -

The P90 Phantom skin is another decent skin for the P90 while it is not as good as the above two skins. It gives the weapon 2 Damage buffs which are really important. You will also get a Reload Speed buff and a Magazine size reduction but those 2 things barely matter to the P90.

P90 Phantom
P90 Phantom skin in Free Fire

P90 Make it Rain

  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Range +
  • Reload Speed -

The P90 Make it Rain skin is released during the Money Heist collaboration in Free Fire. The skin gives 2 Rate of Fire buffs, one Range buff while reducing the Reload Speed of the weapon. This is no doubt a great skin for the P90. The Rate of Fire and Range buff will make it even more dangerous than an MP40.

Once again, the Reload Speed reduction doesn't matter much with the 50 rounds magazine.

P90 Make It Rain
P90 Make it Rain skin in Free Fire

P90 Tune Blaster

  • Rate of Fire +
  • Damage ++
  • Magazine -

The P90 Tune Blaster skin is just as good as the P90 The Punishers skin. However, it is quite expensive to obtain this skin because it is from the Incubator.

Incubator Tune Blasters P90
P90 Tune Blaster skin in Free Fire

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