Priyank Patel, a famous Indian YouTuber, is the mastermind behind the YouTube channel Pri Gaming, where he shares engaging content about Free Fire MAX. With over 1.1 million subscribers, viewers can tune in to the channel to learn interesting tips and tricks for the battle royale game.

Pri Gaming also runs a second channel called Pri Gaming TY. However, he is not very active there. Besides, he has 8.62k followers on Instagram, where he shares posts and stories related to his Free Fire gaming journey and personal life.

Pri Gaming's Free Fire MAX ID, stats

Pri Gaming's Free Fire MAX ID is 262266779, and his current IGN is PRIGAMING_YT. He is also the leader of the PRI_ARMY guild, whose ID is 1001517856.

Pri Gamings Free Fire Max Id
Pri Gaming's Free Fire MAX ID

The Indian internet star achieved Diamond 4 in BR-Ranked Season 32 while pushing all the way to Heroic in CS-Ranked Season 17. His stats in Free Fire MAX as of February 18, 2023, are outlined below:

Mrrattlers Free Fire Stats
Mrrattlers Free Fire Stats

The YouTuber has played 1291 solo matches and has won 370 contests, with a win rate of 28.65%. He defeated 4752 opponents, translating to a K/D ratio of 5.16.

Pri Gaming has also played 2750 duo matches, where he emerged victorious in 840 games, yielding a win rate of 30.54%. He has taken down 9650 enemies, giving him a K/D ratio of 5.05.

In squad matches, Pri Gaming has played 7534 games, securing 2399 victories and a win rate of 31.84%. He has racked up 24045 frags, giving him a K/D ratio of 4.68.

Note: Pri Gaming's Free Fire MAX stats were recorded while writing the article and are expected to change as he plays more matches in the battle royale title.

Pri Gaming's Free Fire monthly income

According to Social Blade, Pri Gaming earns between $4.4k and $70.6k monthly, making him one of the most successful Free Fire content creators. His yearly income is believed to be within the range of $52.9k and $847.1k.

Pri Gamings Free Fire Income
Pri Gamings Free Fire Income

Pri Gaming's Free Fire YouTube channel

Pri Gaming started his YouTube career in August 2019, with Free Fire as his primary focus. Over the years, Patel has posted 800+ videos, racking up close to 100 million views and crossing the coveted one million subscriber milestone. Recently, he switched to the shorter content format on the platform.

The Pri Gaming channel had just over 170k subscribers in mid-2020, but the count has grown substantially since then. In the last 30 days alone, the channel has received more than 60k subscribers and 17.649 million video views.

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