While the Windblume Festival and the recent release of Genshin Impact's version 3.5 are still in their full swing, a purported Fontaine leak has emerged. This leak includes potential information about Soutine, the Hydro Archon Focalors, and what could be the initial Fontaine weapon to be introduced in the game.

Let's all see what we can expect from Soutine Genshin Impact and every other related detail below.

Soutine Genshin Impact

According to the alleged Fontaine leak, Soutine is expected to be a claymore user. She may have short white wavy hair, different eye colors. Meanwhile, her model may resemble those of Collei, Amber, or Barbara.

The report said that the first Fontaine character may make her introduction in update 3.8, serving as a guide to the new Chengyu Village region.

Soutine Genshin
Soutine's model is garnering a lot of talks for how cool it is.

Another leak suggests that her weapon, the Moonlight, will be introduced in the game before version 4.0. This patch is rumored to be released in the latter half of 2023.

The game files contain all the weapons in the game. And in April 2021, Moonlight, a Fontaine-style claymore, was discovered in the game's archives. Its design features a color palette of gold and various shades of blue.

Soutine Claymore
Her claymore is claimed to be named The Moonlight and has blue and gold as its main color tones.

This is the second time the Soutine Genshin Impact has been mentioned in a leak, with the weapon being previously featured in a selection of leaks during the latter half of 2021 by Genshin Update.


A Genshin Impact leak allegedly shared by Snezhfed on the Genshin_Impact_Leaks subreddit revealed that Focalors will be a Hydro sword user whose kit will be Gravity-based and scale off HP.

The leak contradicts a previous one that claimed Focalors would be the game's first Hydro Claymore wielder, while also supporting the claims about the Hydro Archon's kit and its connection to Gravity.

Is this going to be the Hydro Archon's official model? We will have to wait and see.

Many reports have surfaced regarding the model of Focalors. However, different from Soutine and other Fontaine units such as Lyney and Lynette the twin, no trustworthy images for Focalors have been decided.

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Other leaks to anticipate

If the leak is accurate, Soutine will be treated similarly to Kaedehara Kazuha, who was the first Inazuma character to debut in the game and the only one to do so before the region's release in patch 2.0. However, a few hours after the leak surfaced, the subreddit moderators categorized it as misleading due to some of its claims.

Soutine was said to be treated as Kazuha when he first came around in patch 2.0.

According to other leaks, the Genshin Impact 3.8 update will introduce a Fontaine character, a highly anticipated Klee skin, and a new region, which is thrilling news for players looking to continue their journey through Teyvat.

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