The Free Fire OB39 update is set to hit global servers on March 22, 2023. As always, the Advance Server served as a testing ground for the game developers to experiment with new features and gameplay mechanics before launching the final update. The Advance Server was launched on March 10, 2023, and is set to end on March 16, 2023, after which players can look forward to experiencing the new features on the main server.

The OB39 update is expected to bring several significant changes to the game, including a complete overhaul of the character level-up system, improvements to the Bermuda map, and the addition of new characters, among other features. In this article, we will be discussing some of the most exciting features that players can expect to see in the upcoming update.

New Character - Orion

One of the most highly anticipated features of the OB39 update is the addition of a new character named Orion. According to the game's lore, Orion is a mercenary who has undergone biological alterations that turn him into a red-colored orb for a few seconds. His active skill, the Crimson Crush, has the ability to suck life out of opponents for a short duration of time.

Orion Free Fire Novo Personagem E Lancado Pela Gar
New Character - Orion in Free Fire MAX OB39 update

When activated, Orion's skill replaces his EP with 300 Crimson Energy. After consuming 150 of the resource, his active skill grants protection to his allies and himself for a duration of three seconds. During this time, teammates will not receive any damage, and Orion will receive 15HP from enemies as well. The cooldown for the Crimson Crush skill is set at 30 seconds, and players cannot change their weapons while the skill is active.

New Awakened Form - Alvaro Rageblast

Another exciting addition to the game is the revamped passive ability of Alvaro Rageblast. Alvaro grew up in a military family and became an expert in dealing with explosives. In the OB39 Advance Server, a newly awakened version of him was revealed.

His powerful passive ability, the Art of Demolition, which dealt additional 10% explosive damage and increased range by 7%, was replaced with a new passive skill called Split Blitz.

Alvaro Rageblast Free Fire
Alvaro will be the next character in Free Fire MAX to have an Awakened Form.

Through Split Blitz, explosive damage has increased by up to 20%, and range by 10%. Additionally, before detonating, the grenades will split into three parts and cause added 30% damage. Alvaro's revamped passive ability has been spotted on the OB39 Advance Server, and it may or may not reflect in the full update.

New Super Revival Card for Battle Royale Matches

Apart from character upgrades, the OB39 update is also expected to bring new items to the game. One such item is the new Super Revival Card, which can be used during Battle Royale matches. The Super Revival Card offers revived teammates a UMP, Level 2 vests, and armor, in addition to the G18 offered by the standard Revival card.

This new addition is expected to make the game even more exciting, allowing players to revive their teammates with better equipment. Instead of having to look for loot after being revived, you an fight right away.

Super Revival Card
Super Revival Card will revive your teammate and give them a set of equipment right away.

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